My Song Gets Nominated at the IRAA Awards

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My song “Mujhse Duur Ho Kyun” was nominated for “Best Recording/Mixing” in the Rock/Blues/Metal genre in the category of “Independent Music” at the 2021 IRAA Awards. Many congratulations to Himanshu Shirlekar who did such a fabulous job on the mix for the nomination!

Studio L Completes 4 Eventful Years

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Time flies so fast! I can’t believe that it’s been 4 years already since I first set up this place. It seems like yesterday… so much so, that I can still remember what I had for lunch on my first day of working here….. delicious Sambar Rice, made by my wife! This place has been witness to so many awesome collaborations and recording sessions…. I love it when people come in here to make music, to confer with me on creative ideas, or just chill and have a good time. I’m grateful to all the musicians, composers and filmmakers (most of whom are friends) who have come here and allowed me to participate in their creative pursuits. It’s been a bit difficult due to Covid since last year, and I hated it when I couldn’t come here everyday to make music due to the lockdown. I missed this place terribly. Every day that I get to come here, I consider a boon. Times are still tough, but I really hope that this pandemic ends soon and my studio can play host to many more collaborators for many more years to come!

Maaf Kar


This song is a labour of love for me. I wrote it as a tribute to the many happy memories of a childhood friend of mine who is sadly no more. He was one of those countless people who succumb to depression and take their own life.
Even now it seems inconceivable that such a fun-loving, articulate, cool and intelligent guy would be driven to take such a drastic decision.
I dedicate this song to all those who are contemplating this horrible step, and to those who are left behind wondering why they didn’t see it coming. A beautiful life awaits us just one breath away. All we have to do is reach out. We don’t have to be alone.
My greatest regret is that my friend isn’t around to listen to the very song I wrote for him.

Kartik…. this is for you!

हो सके तो…. माफ़ कर!

I am indebted to the people who helped me create this song. A BIG Thank you…

….to Nagraj Uncle, Anasuya Aunty and Rashmi Shrivastava for their blessings.

….to Dr. Smita Jambhale for writing such beautiful words. I wouldn’t have come up with this melody if it were not for your poignant verses.

….to Rishikesh Kamerkar for singing this song so beautifully…. You bring such a great deal of feeling and soul to the melody….. Nobody else could render it like you did.

….to Himanshu Shirlekar for doing such a fabulous mix of the song…. Your craft has truly taken it to the next level.

….to Ashwin Dongre for putting together this beautiful video montage.

….and last but not least by any means, to my wife Yogita and my dear friend Aditya Jambhale for egging me on and giving me all the encouragement and advice I needed to complete this labour of love.

Maaf Kar Streaming Platforms

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Listen to Maaf Kar from the album Maaf Kar On Gaana!

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Check out “Maaf Kar” by Susmit Limaye & Rishikesh Kamerkar on Amazon Music.

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Banjar- My Debut Single

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My debut single “Banjar” is out now on all major digital streaming platforms. Please listen to it and spread it across if you like it. Check it out here in the composing showcase and at the following links:






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“Kharvas” Bags Best Short Fiction Film Award At The 66th National Film Awards, 2018


It gives me immense pleasure to announce that our film “Kharvas” has won the “Best Short Fiction Film” award at the 66th National Film Awards, 2018. This is the second National Award in a row for writer/ director Aditya Jambhale who had earlier won the “Best Director” award for his very first film, “Aaba… Eiktay Na?” at the 64th National Awards, 2016. Composing the music for this film was one of the most creatively stimulating experiences of my career. Recording with virtuoso flautist Varad Kathapurkar was a blast, as he brought the score to life with his magic flute. Also getting to record vocals on the song “Mana Gahire” by Pradnya Deo was a fun experience. Plus, she had an enormous contribution as she helped me understand the finer nuances of the raag Bhatiyaar on which the main theme is based. I will always carry fond memories of working on this film with me.

BABA Scoring Sessions


Our film BABA hits the screens 2nd August 2019 onwards. I had great fun composing the score for this film. Many thanks to Raj R Gupta for trusting me to score this challenging film. Cannot thank my team enough for their amazing efforts to help me realise the score: Shruti Bhave on Violin and Viola, Vijay Tambe on flute and Gaurav Chati on vocal. You guys have jaw-dropping musical chops. And of course many thanks to Prashant Kamble for doing a fab mix of the entire score. And a big shout out to Shijin Melvin Hutton, Abhishek Nair and Abu din Fazal for their awesome sound design work and final surround mix on the film. You guys have contributed massively to the way the film sounds and it sounds absolutely fantastic. You have struck a fine balance between score and sound design with the mix. It was an absolute pleasure working on this film with you guys. So folks, catch BABA in a theatre near you and let me know what you think of the score and sound design. It would be great to get any kind of feedback on our work so we can do even better in the next project.