Maaf Kar


This song is a labour of love for me. I wrote it as a tribute to the many happy memories of a childhood friend of mine who is sadly no more. He was one of those countless people who succumb to depression and take their own life.
Even now it seems inconceivable that such a fun-loving, articulate, cool and intelligent guy would be driven to take such a drastic decision.
I dedicate this song to all those who are contemplating this horrible step, and to those who are left behind wondering why they didn’t see it coming. A beautiful life awaits us just one breath away. All we have to do is reach out. We don’t have to be alone.
My greatest regret is that my friend isn’t around to listen to the very song I wrote for him.

Kartik…. this is for you!

हो सके तो…. माफ़ कर!

I am indebted to the people who helped me create this song. A BIG Thank you…

….to Nagraj Uncle, Anasuya Aunty and Rashmi Shrivastava for their blessings.

….to Dr. Smita Jambhale for writing such beautiful words. I wouldn’t have come up with this melody if it were not for your poignant verses.

….to Rishikesh Kamerkar for singing this song so beautifully…. You bring such a great deal of feeling and soul to the melody….. Nobody else could render it like you did.

….to Himanshu Shirlekar for doing such a fabulous mix of the song…. Your craft has truly taken it to the next level.

….to Ashwin Dongre for putting together this beautiful video montage.

….and last but not least by any means, to my wife Yogita and my dear friend Aditya Jambhale for egging me on and giving me all the encouragement and advice I needed to complete this labour of love.

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