I was born in Nagpur, Maharashtra on the 16th of August, 1978. I began to take an interest in music since I was very little. While in school I picked up the rudiments of percussion and started learning to play the bongo drum. By the time I reached the 9th grade I became fascinated with synthesizers, MIDI programming and ultimately composition. I started formal piano lessons after finishing my 12th grade under the tutelage of Mr. Charles Stevenson in Nagpur.

Then I decided to move to Mumbai in 2003 to make a career in music. I composed and produced music for a number of short films, AVs, corporate films, documentary films and eventually feature films.

Since then I have programmed and produced songs and background scores for prominent composers in the Marathi film industry such as Kaushal Inamdar, Chinar-Mahesh, Amitraj, Milind Ingale, Rishikesh Kamerkar and many others.

I won the “Chitrapadarpan Puraskar 2013” in the category of Best Music Director for the soundtrack of my film “Premasutra”.

A.R. Rahman and John Williams are two of the foremost influences in my music. Apart from them, a  wide range of influences have paved the way I create music so my sensibilities are a curious amalgamation of the best of the east and the west.

My writing/recording studio space is just off S.V. Road in Malad (W), Mumbai.

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August, 10“Kharvas” Bags Best Short Fiction Film Award At The 66th National Film Awards, 2018
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