BABA Scoring Sessions


Our film BABA hits the screens 2nd August 2019 onwards. I had great fun composing the score for this film. Many thanks to Raj R Gupta for trusting me to score this challenging film. Cannot thank my team enough for their amazing efforts to help me realise the score: Shruti Bhave on Violin and Viola, Vijay Tambe on flute and Gaurav Chati on vocal. You guys have jaw-dropping musical chops. And of course many thanks to Prashant Kamble for doing a fab mix of the entire score. And a big shout out to Shijin Melvin Hutton, Abhishek Nair and Abu din Fazal for their awesome sound design work and final surround mix on the film. You guys have contributed massively to the way the film sounds and it sounds absolutely fantastic. You have struck a fine balance between score and sound design with the mix. It was an absolute pleasure working on this film with you guys. So folks, catch BABA in a theatre near you and let me know what you think of the score and sound design. It would be great to get any kind of feedback on our work so we can do even better in the next project.