Studio L Completes 4 Eventful Years

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Time flies so fast! I can’t believe that it’s been 4 years already since I first set up this place. It seems like yesterday… so much so, that I can still remember what I had for lunch on my first day of working here….. delicious Sambar Rice, made by my wife! This place has been witness to so many awesome collaborations and recording sessions…. I love it when people come in here to make music, to confer with me on creative ideas, or just chill and have a good time. I’m grateful to all the musicians, composers and filmmakers (most of whom are friends) who have come here and allowed me to participate in their creative pursuits. It’s been a bit difficult due to Covid since last year, and I hated it when I couldn’t come here everyday to make music due to the lockdown. I missed this place terribly. Every day that I get to come here, I consider a boon. Times are still tough, but I really hope that this pandemic ends soon and my studio can play host to many more collaborators for many more years to come!