A picture is worth a thousand words”, goes the saying. To that I’ll add my own corollary, “A musical note is worth a lot more.” Music has the power to evoke strong emotions in us. A particular combination of notes and rhythm can conjure up images of distant lands or make us feel joyful, melancholy, passionate, energetic and a multitude of emotions. Here are a few of my endeavours in composition.

The art of arranging or music production has often been likened to interior designing. Much like an interior designer takes an empty space and decorates it with furniture, accessories and wall hangings to create an elegant effect, so does a music producer decorates and enhances a given melody with notes, chord progressions, different sounds and rhythms. Here are a few of the services I can provide to help decorate.

[icon_column title=”Composing” icon=”music” icon_place=”icon_top”]Composition of songs and background scores for a wide variety of media projects such as feature films, short films, web series, documentary films, corporate AVs, animation films, video games, ad films and the like.[/icon_column]
[icon_column title=”Music Production” icon=”equalizer” icon_place=”icon_top”]Complete production of a musical project from start to finish be it a song or a background score from designing the musical structure to the final recording and mixing and mastering process.[/icon_column]
[icon_column title=”Recording” icon=”headphones” icon_place=”icon_top”]Recording of solo instruments like flute, guitar and vocals for songs, background scores and voiceovers.[/icon_column]

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